The easiest way to book your ticket is through our website. You can see the BOOK ΝΟW button in the upper right corner. The process is very simple just as booking a hotel or a flight.

If you are in Milos, you can pass by our boats (see location under CONTACT) and book your cruise on the spot. Feel free to contact us by email, phone or using the FreeCall button on our weebsite for directions or any clarifications.

If you are interested in a specific date or if you have a limited period on the island then it is advisable to book in advance, especially if you are interested in booking during mid/high season. Our cruises tend to sell out early during July and August. Generally we do not advise leaving the cruise for the last day of your vacation, so that we have the flexibility of changing/moving you to a better day if the weather makes it complicated.

If you are staying for a longer period, eg week, then you could contact us on the phone numbers on our website (or use the Freecall button) or pass by our boats on one of your first days on the island to meet us and discuss when the best day to book your cruise would be.

Once you start the booking process, if the day you chose is not available it should appear as SOLD OUT.

Polco offers a range of service to satisfy every taste.

For first timers in Milos, we always suggest the Discover Milos cruise, which does the part of the island that you can't see by car and is a great paced cruise with long swim stops and the most amazing visit inside the cave of Sykia, which is really stunning. This cruise is done in a small groups of 10 people.

The Round of Milos and Poliegos catamaran cruise is made for those who want to see more of the area in one day. It combines swim stops in the best locations around Milos and also a visit to the island of Poliegos, the largest uninhabited island of Greece, stopping for a swim at the crystal clear electric-blue waters of Galazia Nera, one of the best coves Greece has to show. One thing to know about this cruise is that the distance we will cover is a much larger one, compared to the Discover Milos cruise, so the swim stops are somewhat shorter. To compensate for this, we have our beautiful catamaran taking a maximum of 10-11 passengers which ensures lots of space to enjoy the features of this amazing yacht.

If you are travelling with your family and small ones, you might want to look at the West Milos cruise with NIKI L, our large 55' sailing yacht with children safety feautures and small events to keep your kids happy. This cruise will stop at the most beautiful places of the inaccessible west Milos, including the cave of Sykia and Kleftiko and offers children discounts throughout the year.

If you are looking for a special experience for you and your loved ones, you can book a Private cruise with our sailing yachts or our catamaran. Boats will come fully crewed with skipper and assistant/host and prices are all-inclusive with food, drinks, and snacks available throughout the cruise and a much more personal, attentive service. Booking a private cruise gives you the chance to arrange the itinerary with your captain, plan the day as you want but, most of all, avoid crowds which a big difference especially in high season months when the island is packed with people.

Polco generally advises against half-day cruises for the simple reason that there is no better way to explore Milos than by sea. A beautiful island all-around, the beauty of the west part of the island, the cave of Sykia and Kleftiko are beyond comparison and deserve time. Furthermore, half-day cruises are generally made in large groups which are not in the Polco mentality. So, if time is an issue, we have our motorboat which you can charter privately and which can take you places fast and let you enjoy the special places without rushing and avoiding crowded boats.

The level of service on Polco cruises is a high one. We like to take care of our guests. Nonetheless, in private cruises, we will always go the extra mile and make things even more special. If you are celebrating an event, do tell us and we can arrange any special provisions you might want.

Another difference between our semi-private and private cruise is that on a private cruise you can arrange the itinerary with your captain and choose which places you will visit and how long to stay there. Both of our cruises start at around 10:00 and finish at around 19:00.

Booking a private cruise is ideal especially in high season when the island is packed with people, you can adjust the schedule and avoid big crowds at the stops.

To secure any booking, a payment is required to be made. For semiprivate cruises, full payment is required. For private cruises a 50% deposit is required and balance can be settled before departure. All credit and debit cards except American express cards are accepted during payment process. Upon successful payment you will receive a confirmation voucher within minutes. If you do not receive this then chances are that your payment did not go through for some reason or the contact email address is not correctly inserted in the field.

If you face any problem during the payment procedure, kindly contact us by email or on the numbers on our website and we will try to solve the problem asap.


Once you make your booking and within a couple of days you will receive an email, confirming your booking. In this email, we might ask for some personal information such as the name of the passengers, nationality, passport (or ID/driver’s license) numbers and year of birth. Some of this information are required during the booking for the key passenger, ie the one that makes the reservation. This information is required by Greek authorities for the necessary paperwork and crew lists in order to get permission to sail. The earliest we receive this information, the faster this procedure can be made and delays in our scheduled departure can be avoided.

Firstly, know that our booking platform, website, company Gmail and corporate email are secured so they can not be breached easily. Furthermore, after you provide the information, these will be passed to our offline records, and the email will be deleted from our inboxes so that it will not stay on the web for long. Nonetheless, should you still not feel safe providing your personal information we will respect this. The only thing we ask is that you provide this data at least the day before the cruise, so that we avoid the risk of a delay in the cruise departure. You can do this in person coming to find us at the port of Adamas or by phone. Do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns. We are always happy to help.

Cyclades are blessed with amazing weather. Rain is very rarely a problem. ‘Bad’ weather for us means very strong winds. But even those will not affect our excursion to the point that we have to cancel the trip, except in very rare cases. We can, however, modify the itinerary so to sail the protected side of the island and avoid sailing in rough seas. For example, during summer months, strong north winds can blow all over Cyclades (we call them meltemi). In this case we prefer to sail the south side of Milos, which is protected. No waves, no risk of sea-sickness and there are plenty of beautiful places to visit including Kleftiko and its' caves, which are magnificent even in the strongest north winds. Furthermore, Polco team consists of competition sailors…we like wind and we like to open our sails and show our guests a true sailing experience. So don’t worry you will be in safe hands. Finally, we will always inform you about the route we will follow a couple of days before the trip, after taking into consideration the weather conditions.

In case of extremely strong winds or other unforeseen circumstances, which make it impossible to sail we might need to cancel the cruise. We will always try to inform you the earliest possible by email or text. Then we will look at our options; firstly if we can transfer you to another available day. If this is not possible then you will receive a full refund of your payment.

Our cancelation policy for reservation made through our website can be found below, although on occasions we have been more flexible, especially in cases of special circumstances beyond the control of our guests.

·       Cancellations made up to 7 days before the cruise date can be made free. A 10% administration fee will be deducted from the refunded amount.
·       For cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the cruise date 50% of the total amount paid will be charged.
·       For cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the cruise date 100% of the total amount paid will be charged.
·       Change requests are available up to 7 days before the cruise. No extra fee applies. Nonetheless, should there be a positive price difference between the services, the customer will be imbursed with this. All change requests are subject to availability
·       The company reserves the right to change or modify the route of the scheduled cruise or to cancel it due to inclement weather or for reasons it deems that they should not ensure safety for the customer. In case of cancellation from our part, the full amount paid will be refunded.


Sailing with Polco is a care free trip. You only need to bring your personal belongings; swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, hat and glasses to protect from the strong Greek sun, your cellphone/camera. 

Our yachts are fully equipped with snorkeling gear but if you have your own mask and flippers you are welcome to bring them.

Early or late in the season, a light windproof jacket might help to warm you up when the sun starts dropping.

Your personal belongings will be kept inside the boat at a common area. We have never had an incident of lost or stolen property. Nonetheless, if you want to store your stuff in a cabin without access you can just ask your crew. In any case, Polco sailing does not hold any responsibility for loss or damaged personal belongings.

This basically depends on the person and what water temperature you are accustomed to. Mediterranean waters never get as warm as the tropics, but neither get super cold like many ocean coasts. In a nice sunny day water temperature will be almost the same as outside temperature and you will see that you will get used to the sea pretty fast. Press here for a very nice article on Cyclades weather.

If you are arriving to Milos by ferry, you will be arriving at the port of Adamas. This is where our boats are also anchored, at a distance no bigger than 100-200meters from the ferry pier. If you are getting to Milos by plane, then a taxi will be required to get to the port. This is a short drive of around 10 minutes and usually costs around €10. If you arrive on the day of the cruise, just before departure, kindly inform us in advance.

No. Hotel transfer is not included in the cruise price but can be arranged if you require. We co-operate with a mini-van service, which uses excellent vans, professional drivers and offers competitive prices. Payment will be made directly by you and you will get the Polco discounted price. We would like to stress under no circumstance do we take commissions for transfers. We just want to help.

Firstly, if you are a bad swimmer then you can use the lifejackets and floating devices available on our boats and swim safely. If you don't want to dive from the boat in deep water, you can still cool off during our stops as there are beaches on our stops, smaller or bigger, that you can just walk in and spend time in the water. Nonetheless, you do not have to swim if you do not want to. The fact that our cruises are done with a maximum of 10 people makes our boats very spacious for you to stay on board. Hammocks and shaded areas, give you the chance to enjoy your time staying on the boat without having to swim. Further than that we will explore the caves with the dinghys so you will not spend all day on the boat.

Our boats are fully equipped with lifejackets of all sizes. Floating devices are also provided.

The photos and videos taken on the day are sent securely within the group using Dropbox. At the end of the cruise, the crew will ask you for your email address and will sent the photos to that email. Please make sure you type your email correctly. Photos are usually sent the following day, nonetheless do allow for 3-4 days especially in high season where the size of the files to be uploaded is larger. In case you do not receive within a reasonable period or for any photo related issues, you can reach us at photos@polco-sailing.com

Alternatively, you can have the photos transferred to USB stick you provide on the same day of the cruise.

Our prices include food, drinks, and snacks throughout the cruise. Everything is homemade and of excellent quality. Snorkeling gear is available for you and we also have underwater cameras which we use to take pictures, both under and over the water. This set of pictures will be sent to you by email later or we can transfer them on a USB stick if you prefer.

Discover Milos is a one-way cruise. This gives us the advantage to spend more time at our stops. The cruise starts at Adamas and ends to Provatas or vice versa. In any case transfer from and to starting /end locations is included in the price and taken care by us.

We will be happy to accommodate your food preferences. Fruits and salads are provided in our meals but further than that you should inform us beforehand and we can arrange some more options for you.

Are you planning to join us with your family? West of Milos with NIki L is the cruise you are looking for. We have designed this cruise especially for families due to the large spacious boat Niki .Discounts for children up to 11 years old are offered for this cruise thoughout the year.

Absolutely! All our yachts are equipped with bimini tops, ie tents, that covers the cockpit/rear sitting area area. Additional shade is available, in the form of tents rolling out of the boom, that can cover up to half the boat. Depending if you prefer sun or shade we deploy a part or whole of them. Since our cruises are done in small groups, we won't have difficulty getting your opinions and covering your preferences.

In case of strong north or south winds, we might need to change the itinerary and sail the south side of Milos which is protected from the waves or sail the north side of the island and then towards Poliegos again to be protected by the waves. If you have booked the Round of Milos cruise and the weather is not suitable for this cruise, you will get a 15% discount. You will be informed about our schedule the day before the trip.

All our sailing boats comply with Greek safety rules so we are fully equipped with a first-aid kit that has treatments for light injuries or even more serious incidents. Furthrmore, all our skippers have undertaken a first-aid course and will be able to provide assistance if needed.


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